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General Store

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General Store

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The General Store pitches itself as the ‘backlash against uniformity’ and has brought together these successful and unique brands all under one roof for the first time.


Ringspun, Elvis Jesus, House of The Gods, Religion & Buddhist Punk.


All of the brands are already synonymous with cutting edge and rock n roll:


Ringspun is renowned for everything from combats to T shirts featuring a unique attention to detail; while Elvis Jesus combines rock album style with religious imagery. Both have been making a splash on the worldwide urban fashion scene since first bursting on to the Manchester market.


Buddhist Punk manages to combine cultural mystery with rock n roll and House of the Gods is a prime example of music inspired fashion, while Religion combines a vintage feel with inspirations worldwide - with a bit of sexiness thrown in for good measure.


“…style is about individuality and there is no better example of that than Manchester.”
David Mallon Co-owner General Store & founder of Ringspun & Elvis Jesus