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Reebok Classic latest Size? Women's collection

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Reebok Classic releases the latest innovation of its iconic Instapump Fury


The reimagined Instapump Fury collection titled ‘Naturals Pack’ has been designed using key spring colour trends, inspired by hues from the natural world. Both pull direct reference from naturally formed clays, beach stones and moon dust- building a truly unique aesthetic.

The ‘Naturals Pack’ fuses modern design detailing with the intrinsic tech story of the Instapump Fury, to build a versatile sneaker style that is perfect for summer styling. Distinctive design features include the introduction of a transparent glittered outsole, contrasted with a circular knit vamp, and the addition of a suede heel and tongue loop- further adding to the feminine look and feel of the shoe.


Both colourways can easily be styled up for a directional fashion look or paired back for an everyday casual ensemble.

The Naturals Pack is exclusively available online and throughout selected size? stores.


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